Intercultural Communication

This Fall 2018 section of Comm/ICS 7 will be offered on the Cupertino High School Campus (about 2 miles from the college).

Advantages: Smaller class size, lots of free parking!


Why do "they" DO that? 

What do they mean?
What do they want ME to do?
What if I can't? 

If we really expect everyone else to think and act "like us" we are revealing a lack of awareness of how human history has shaped relations between cultures and societies, and we are loosing a valuable opportunity to grow as global citizens.

Classes I Teach

No Classes this quarter.

Faculty Info

Multicultural Center

Ms. Piper McNulty

Intercultural Studies

408.202.9416 (c)

MCC, CHS office location TBA


  • BA: Cultural Anthropology, Scripps and Pomona Colleges
  • MA: Teaching English as a Second Language, The School for International Training
  • MA in Intercultural Relations, The McGregor School of Antioch University

Office Hours 

Fall 2018  In Cupertino High School classroom 3:15-3:45  T/T

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