Grocery Gift Cards

Please make sure to answer all questions completely and correctly. Grocery e-gift cards are available while supplies last to eligible students who are currently registered for fall quarter at De Anza.

*Our gift card supply has been exhausted and we have no more card available. The request form will remain open to continue collecting requests for when we receive the next supply.*

A few things to note:

  • All students must complete and submit the Grocery Gift Card Program Eligibility form prior to receiving a card (it will be emailed to you after your first request).
  • Please provide your full name and the email address you currently have on your student records.
  • These e- gift cards are to be used for food only
  • Students who maintain eligibility are limited to one request maximum every 2 weeks only for distribution on designated distribution dates (see food pantry webpage for dates). Any duplicate requests will not be considered. Do not submit multiple requests.
  • When sharing your current needs, please include any information about resources you are currently accessing, or any extenuating circumstances such as loss of employment. 
    • We ask for this information so we can understand the circumstances that De Anza students are currently facing.
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