Updated April 6, 2020

The Student Success Center has moved all tutoring and workshops to virtual rooms in Zoom.

Examples of SSC Zoom services by area:
  • General Subjects Tutoring Center-Drop-in, group, and weekly tutoring for Accounting 1A, 1B and 1C, Econ 1 and 2 and other Business and Social Science courses.
  • Listening & Speaking Center-Conversation Workshops and Tutoring by Appointment
  • Math, Science & Technology Resources Center-Drop-In, Group and Weekly Individual Tutoring for Math, Physics and Chemistry/Biology.
  • Writing & Reading Center-Drop-In and Weekly Individual Tutoring for any essay or reading assignment.

Academic Skills Center workshops will be offered via Zoom Weeks 4-8.

Here's how to access SSC services:

Join the SSC Resources non-course Canvas site:  Enroll in "SSC Resources" Canvas site

if this link does not work, copy-paste this URL: https://deanza.instructure.com/enroll/MAF7Y8

  • Select "Modules" which will lead you to the SSC Zoom! links by subject area.
  • Click on one of the SSC Areas and select the appropriate Zoom link.
  • Join the virtual room, meet a tutor and start learning!

If you have not used Zoom before, read the the Zoom Quickstart Guide .  Once you join, tutors can help you with technical difficulties.

Questions, comments or suggestions? 

Please email the appropriate SSC contact.

Thank you, and see you on Zoom!

SSC Team

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