About Me

I started on the path to becoming an anthropologist during my sophomore year at the University of California at Irvine (UCI) after a friend suggested I try an introductory course in cultural anthropology. I became fascinated by the discipline's unique perspective on humanity and eventually graduated with a BA in Social and Cultural Anthropology. I later went on to earn an MA in Anthropology from Stanford University.

My primary scholarly interests focus on the intersections between race, social stratification, globalization and urban life. As an instructor I enjoy working with diverse groups of students throughout the Bay Area and helping "non-traditional" students (first generation college attendees, returning and older learners, transfer students, veterans, etc.) navigate the challenges of a college education.

My Anthropology 2: Cultural Anthropology courses at De Anza College are designed to introduce majors and non-majors alike to the discipline of cultural anthropology and the study of human culture in ways students find relatable. We explore topics like:

  • the everyday culture shock students can experience navigating college life
  • how race came to be socially constructed in North America and what this means for us today
  • gender diversity among Native American societies before contact with Europeans
  • the varied cross-cultural meanings and functions of marriage
  • social stratification, homelessness, and opioid addiction in San Francisco
  • globalization and the often-dangerous cross border journeys undertaken by immigrants

Classes I Teach

Summer 2024

12944ANTH 250ZCultural Anthropology
13086ANTH 251ZCultural Anthropology

Spring 2024

45418ANTH 203YCultural Anthropology
46030ANTH 250ZCultural Anthropology

Faculty Info

Portrait of Angel Roque

Angel Roque
Part-Time Faculty




  • M.A. - Anthropology, Stanford University
  • B.A. - Socio-Cultural Anthropology, UCI

Office Hours

Spring Quarter 2021

2-4 pm Fridays and by Appointment.

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