2021-22 School Year 

Fall / Winter / Spring / Summer Quarter

  • The Student Success and Retention Services (SSRS) Center Hours  and Computer Lab are unavailable at this time due to restrictions related to COVID-19.
  • Contact Us:  SSRS Faculty and Staff  or Our Counselors 

    Maurice Canyon 

    SSRS Counselor & Umoja Community Coordinator 

    (408) 864-5311/canyonmaurice@deanza.edu 

    Jorge Morales

    SSRS Counselor & Co-Coordinator First Year Experience  

    (408) 864-8552/moralesjorge@deanza.edu 

    Liliana Rivera 

    SSRS Counselor & Coordinator Puente Project 

    (408) 864-8780/riveraliliana@fhda.edu

    Amy Wang 

    SSRS/IMPACT AAPI Counselor  

    (408) 864-8894/wangamy@deanza.edu



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