The Student Election is your chance to select your representatives on the Student Government and College and District Governance Groups. The DASG also manages a budget of approximately $1 million on your behalf. Currently you can only log in once to vote. There are nine Executive Officer positions, and you have the right to take your time to decide how to vote on all those positions and not feel pressured to vote at any time. Candidates cannot assist students with voting, cannot watch or be anywhere near students when they are voting, and cannot request proof that you voted. If you feel any candidates are behaving inappropriately or you have any concerns about the Student Election, you may submit a Student Election Complaint Form available on the DASG Student Elections page. Links to the DASG Elections Code, Posting Guidelines, Social Media Guidelines, and Code of Conduct, and the FHDA Student Code of Conduct are also provided on the page.

There are no upcoming elections.

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