About M@DA

Mentors@De Anza is a student-run peer mentorship program under the Office of College Life at De Anza College. We aim to connect any current student who seeks help with experienced students who will share resources for navigating De Anza. This includes academic, extracurricular, and transfer mentorship. Your mentor can point you to programs that can enhance your De Anza experience, and cheer you on as you find your place at De Anza.

Our ultimate goal is to foster a supportive community by providing mentorship opportunities and other resources to students. In this long academic journey, you are not alone and we can help you!

Peer Mentoring

A mentoring experience may provide personal, academic, and career development support. It creates meaningful connections that can postively impact the lives of both mentor and mentee in the long term.

Mentoring promotes positive social attitudes and relationships. In addition, it can enhance your sense of belonging to the college community and form strong and deeper ties between people.

Our Structure

Senior Mentors oversee the mentorship program; we are responsible for pairing peer mentors and mentees. We also organize events and provide directions to students for general school resources.

Peer Mentors are paired with at least 1 mentee for a quarter (can be longer as well) and meet with their mentee(s) to provide advice on various topics. You can get input from Peer Mentors on TAP, FASFA, different class experiences, and other concerns.

Peer Mentees are paired up with one of our Mentors for a quarter (can be longer as well) and meet with their mentors to receive their guidance. Mentees can ask whatever questions they have related to college life, the transfer process, class experiences, personal development, etc.

Get In Touch With Us!

You can learn more about our current Senior Mentors on the Meet Our Senior Mentors page. Visit the Connect with Us page for our contact information and social media pages.

Our Advisor

Maritza Arreola (she/her)

Maritza is the Leadership Development & Student Activities Coordinator for the Office of College Life. M@DA began as a pilot program around the same time Maritza began working at De Anza. Her work has centered on leadership and equity development through programming and advising. In her role, she also supports the Inter Club Council and De Anza Student Government.

Email: arreolamaritza@fhda.edu

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