Classes I Teach

Fall 2022

26594KNES 6AX51ZAerobic Power Walking
27136KNES 6AX52ZAerobic Power Walking
27140KNES 15CX50ZTotal Fitness
27137KNES 15CX53ZTotal Fitness
27138KNES 15EX50ZCardiovascular and Strength Training
26595KNES 19EX51ZBody Sculpting
23459KNES 25AX02ZStretching
24083KNES 25BX02ZActive Isolated Stretching
27102KNES 31AX02Beginning Badminton
27103KNES 31BX02Intermediate Badminton
27104KNES 31CX02Advanced Badminton
25874KNES 4850ZIntroduction to Coaching
25839KNES 50A63ZOrientation to Lifetime Fitness

Summer 2022

13193KNES 25AX50ZStretching
13194KNES 25BX50ZActive Isolated Stretching
13195KNES 50A64ZOrientation to Lifetime Fitness
13420PE 4XX05High-Intensity Strength Development for Athletes
13421PE 4XX06High-Intensity Strength Development for Athletes
12621PE 32K01Basketball Techniques
11649PE 32K02Basketball Techniques
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