Hi there! I've been at De Anza College since 2010. I'm excited to be here and excited to pass on my love for biology to you! I currently teach Introductory Biology (Biology 10) and Marine Biology (Biology 13)  

This website includes information and resources for the courses I teach, as well as some information about me. I will be updating the website somewhat regularly! Clicking on the link for your course on the left of this page will bring up course-specific documents and resources.

I'm so happy to be here at De Anza and my first priority as an instructor is to be here for you. NEVER hesitate to contact me with any questions about anything, whether that be the course you are taking with me, or anything else that you'd like to talk about. My goal is to challenge you, enlighten you, and hopefully help you to develop a lifelong appreciation of biology – you will see for yourself that understanding biology makes the world a much more interesting place!

If you want some hints (in my own humble opinion) to being a successful student, please click here.

And for some cuteness, my 2 dogs (Egg & Humpty Dumpty) are below! 


Classes I Teach

Fall 2022

27172BIOL 1005YIntroductory Biology
27173BIOL 1006YIntroductory Biology
27368BIOL 10H05YIntroductory Biology - HONORS
27370BIOL 10H06YIntroductory Biology - HONORS
27192BIOL 1301YMarine Biology
27246BIOL 1302YMarine Biology

Summer 2022

12783BIOL 1050ZIntroductory Biology
12784BIOL 1051ZIntroductory Biology
13074BIOL 1052ZIntroductory Biology


Jason Bram

Email: Jason Bram
Phone: 408.864.8654
Office: S51a

Office Hours:

  • M & W
  • Tu & Th
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