General Meeting Information

Date: December 5, 2017
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Location: De Anza Corporation Yard

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader Outcome
    2 - 2:05 p.m. Approval Notes from November 14, 2017 A Grey Review and approve notes
    2:05 - 2:20 p.m. Capital Project Fund 400 I Cheu Information Sharing
    2:20 - 2:50 p.m. FF&E process I Cheu Information Sharing
    2:50 - 3:00 Quick News I Grey Information Sharing

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


    Present: Acosta, Burlanescu, Cheu, Grey, Lee-Wheat, Lockwood, Shively, Sullivan, Wishart

    Meeting Items

    Welcome & Introductions

    Grey welcomed the members to the meeting. The members introduced themselves.

    Approve Notes from November 14, 2017

    The team reviewed the notes from November 14, 2017. Shively asked that a change be made in the notes to include the L quad as part of the HVAC update from the District Energy Manager. Change was noted by Gore and she will make the change. The notes were approved.

    Capital Fund Project 400

    Cheu presented information on Capital Project Fund 400. Cheu explained the history and purpose of the fund. Fund 400 is for additional capital projects; projects or emergency projects that don’t have a funding source.

    Cheu asked the team to approve 4 projects:

    • CDC Playground – rebuild playground structures
    • Football field infill replacement
    • RSS painting project
    • RSS painting projects - architect fees

    Sullivan expressed concern that the PE boiler is non-functioning properly and the water for the shower in the PE area still cold. Mahato shared Plant Services has been monitoring the showers and the area needs further investigation into the issues. Mahato shared new water heaters were installed approximately three years ago and the District would fund any additional repairs.

    A motion to approve the expenditures was requested by Sullivan and Acosta seconded the motion.

    FF&E Process

    Cheu presented the FFE process and shared the funds can be used to purchase and fund:

    • Computers and multimedia
    • Furniture fixtures and equipment
    • Faculty office furniture refresh segment
    • Setting up a store of standardized classroom furniture
    • Bond related renovation
    • ADA accessibility standardization in labs
    • General replacement of broken or damaged items

    Shively inquired about the remainder of Measure C. Cheu shared that the bond funds are anticipated to fund through approximately 2021 and 2022.

    Quick news

    Grey gave a quick update on projects around the campus.

    • Exterior lighting, phase 3 should be done by the end of December
    • Campus roadway striping project will begin soon.
    • E2 project should wrap up at the end of the month.
    • The baseball field is growing in nicely and looks beautiful.
    • The soccer field is due to for completion in early January.
    • The De Anza football field turf will be replaced under warranty. Work is scheduled to begin this week and will last several weeks.
    • The Planetarium is in the design phase and will get a new roof and HVAC.
    • Flint center has many punch list items. The garage will be closed over the break to work on punch list items.

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