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Date: February 1, 2022
Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm
Location: Via Zoom*

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:00-2:05 Review/approve notes from October 12, 2021 meeting A Mahato
    2:05-2:15 Facilities Conditions Assessment Overview I/D Mahato

    Gender Neutral Restrooms

    I/D Mahato

    Shared Governance Task Force Presentation

    I/D Mahato/Mendoza

    HEERF Funded Construction Projects

    • WiFi Expansion
    • Drinking Fountain Replacement
    • HVAC Review/Modifications



    One Book, One Campus, One Community Mural Project


    Argabrite/Rodriguez/Forman - Art on Campus Committee

    Quick News/Information Sharing



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    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Campus Facilities

    Draft Notes

    February 1, 2022

    Review/Approve Notes from the October 12, 2021, meeting

    The notes from October 12, 2021, meeting was reviewed and approved.

    Facilities Condition Assessment Overview

    A report was shared of the district wide facilities condition assessment overview. The facilities conditions assessment is a high-level overview of the maintenance needs of the campuses.  The report includes information about all building conditions, both functional effectiveness and ineffectiveness at the time of the report. Each building was assessed and a report for each building was created, and there is a database with scoring criteria.   

    De Anza College has 73 buildings with a total exterior square footage of 1.5 million sf. The college currently needs over $82 million in maintenance. Critical, immediate maintenance needs are over $10 million. And, in 10 years, if nothing gets done, the maintenance needs will be over $140 million. 

    The committee reviewed some picture examples of failing infrastructure on some parts of the campus.   

    A couple of questions were asked about the report:  

    One question was why the A quad was left out of the discussion today. The A Quad was included in facilities condition assessment, but not discussed today because it is part of a Measure G bond project that removes the entire A Quad.  

    Another question was regarding the L3, L4 and L5 not being discussed today but shown in the Facilities Master Plan. It was explained these buildings, all buildings, were included in the facilities condition assessment.  The Facilities Master Plan is a separate document that discusses opportunities for change on the campus; the facilities condition assessment is a reporting mechanism for needed maintenance and repairs on our existing buildings. 

    A final question was raised about the softball program being on the Measure G project list and it was confirmed the name of the project will be changed to a different program name.  (This project is outside of the facilities conditions assessment.)   

    Clarifications were added to include: the facilities condition assessment is a health checkup at this moment in time and specific for our existing built structures, buildings. This data will be utilized and used alongside the Facilities Master Plan and Measure G Bond program for planning upgrades, renovations, construction projects.   

    Gender Neutral Restrooms

    The campus restrooms need repair and upgrades to meet code modifications.  AB1732 is an assembly bill that calls for public facilities that have single user restrooms to be converted to gender neutral (removing single men’s or women’s restrooms); and AB1732 changed the Health and Safety Code Section 11860.   

    De Anza has 3 sets of restrooms in buildings L5, S2 and S6 that all have single stalls that need to be converted to gender neutral.  The process has started with new locks and signage.  There will be 1 student gender neutral and 1 staff gender neutral in each L5, S2 and S6. 

    A question was asked about the restrooms on campus and why are we not converting all fixtures to touchless fixtures. Restroom fixture upgrades will be included as part of the overall future construction projects (no matter the funding). De Anza will investigate the possibility of using HERFF funds to change to make some changes for touchless fixtures.   

    Shared Governance Task Force Presentation

    The Shared Governance Task Force presentation was given at College Council last month. The task force will be working with College Council as they review the current governance teams and structure.

    HEERF (Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund) Funded Construction Projects

    We have three (3) projects underway:  

    1. The Wi-Fi expansion is moving forward and needs a consultant; this is a district project with ETS. ETS is looking at phases to get students and faculty spaces addressed as quickly as possible. 
    2. A list of drinking fountains is still being finalized for bottle filler renovations. An architect is needed to help coordinate the type of units and creating bidding documents. 
    3. The HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) modifications are being considered and the district is hiring an engineer for that project.   

    One Book, One Campus, One Community Mural Project 

    The Art on Campus Committee approved a mural project initiated by Eugene Rodriguez and Diana Argabrite working with a group of five advanced painting students. The working title of the mural is, The Work as It Is and The World We Want to See. The sketch was shown projected onto a building that faces the Campus Center Patio. The mural is central to the campus, with good visibility and close to the Financial Aid office. The entire mural is being designed and presented by the students. The wall has been cleaned, the painting will get started right away, and when completed it will be covered with a UV protective layer. The Campus Facilities team approved the mural, and everyone is looking forward to seeing it on campus soon.

    Quick News/Information Sharing

    Andrew Stoddard shared information about an article from the March 2017 La Voz student newspaper. The need for more resources to repair some of the campus restrooms on the horizon is welcome news.  

    A cat rescue organization is coming to campus with the goal of trying to trap feral cats. It was noted there is food and water sitting out and it may be contributing to pest control issues on campus.


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