Study Humanities at De Anza

NEH Grant: Voices of Silicon Valley

De Anza has received its first-ever grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, providing $150,000 for an ambitious, three-year effort to create and expand oral history programs focused on historically marginalized communities. The project is called "Voices of Silicon Valley."

The Humanities engage students in critical analysis of how they know what they know, and promote recognition of the rich human plurality of histories, truths and worldviews.

A strong multidisciplinary foundation draws connections between and among academic and intellectual domains of the arts and sciences, as well as the philosophies and religions of the world.

A multicultural approach encourages broad synthesis of human issues and a discussion of the
relationship between an individual and historical, cultural and social milieu.

Students are compelled to recognize themselves as active creators of cultural change in a diverse and increasingly global context.

As part of our program, we are proud to feature the Humanities Mellon Scholars Program and the Humanities Certificate of Achievement.


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