Japanese is one of many world languages taught at De Anza. We provide a wide range of course levels to meet the needs of our students, including introductory and/or elementary sequences for all foreign languages offered, and intermediate and advanced courses for some. 

If you have studied a language at another institution, to accurately assess your past instruction (and support your success in further Japanese language study), we require a World Languages prerequisite clearance to register in JAPN 2.

Please follow these general rules to decide which course level is best for you.

  • One year of high school language is equal to one quarter of De Anza language. For example, if you took Japanese 1 & 2 in high school, you can continue with Japanese 3 at De Anza.
  • Review the Japanese course catalog and current schedule of classes.
  • Visit our division's World Languages website for more information about taking a language class at De Anza.


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