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Whether it’s creating new software, constructing a building or launching a new sales campaign, today’s organizations often use teams and project-based methods to achieve their goals. Project managers use organizational, budgetary and leadership knowledge to plan and carry out projects – and get things done!

Project managers work in a variety of industries. They are goal-oriented, comfortable with complex assignments, and have the “people skills” to lead a successful team. They are able to break a project into component tasks and adapt to changing circumstances while meeting an organization’s needs.

De Anza’s Project Management program can help you prepare for working as a project coordinator, business analyst, portfolio manager or other positions. By completing the program, you can become eligible for certification exams offered by the Project Management Institute, including exams for Project Manager, Risk Manager, Scrum Master and Planner.

Employment Outlook: 2020-2030

Programs at De Anza

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The Project Management Practitioner program at De Anza uses a hands-on approach and scenario-based curriculum to enhance your teamwork, communication and managerial skills. It’s intended for students preparing to begin their careers, as well as for professionals who are already employed.

Using a practicum-based approach, students learn to apply the Project Management Book of Knowledge Guide and develop management skills to balance scope, quality, budget and scheduling for each project.

De Anza offers a Certificate of Achievement, a Certificate of Achievement-Advanced and an Associate in Arts degree in Project Management, to prepare students for work as project coordinator, project manager, business analyst or related jobs.

Project Management Practitioner

In addition to the programs listed above, you may be able to apply courses in this department toward General Education requirements.

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