ICC Meetings

Representative Meetings: Every other Wednesday 1:30 - 2:30 PM (Pacific Time)

  • Meeting Dates: 10/4, 10/18, 11/1, 11/15, 11/29
  • HYBRID: In-Person in Student Council Chambers A&B (Hinson Campus Center, Lower Level) OR Online via Zoom (Click here to Join)
  • Rep Meetings are Mandatory for Clubs

Check out Meeting Schedule page for ALL meeting information (Agenda Meetings, Executive Meetings)

All ICC Agendas, Minutes, and Attachments

We, the ICC would like to welcome new and returning students to De Anza for Fall 2023! For those who don’t know, the Inter-Club Council is an umbrella organization representing cultural, educational, honorary, philanthropic, religious, and social interests here at De Anza. We're honored to support the many clubs that make our campus the diverse and engaging college it is.

Whether you're looking to bring back a club, figure out this new hybrid time, or wondering where you can find community, the ICC is here to support you.

Stay tuned for updated information about Fall 2023!

ICC Meetings

The ICC will continue holding regular bi-weekly Representative Meetings. These will be hybrid and held every other Wednesday from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM, both in Student Council Chamber A and online via Zoom. The link will be at the top of this page and will also be emailed to clubs at the start of the quarter. Our dates for meetings this quarter are: 10/4, 10/18, 11/1, 11/15, and 11/29. Please email the ICC Advisor at arreolamaritza@fhda.edu if you have questions or concerns about these meetings. All clubs are required to send a representative and attendance will be mandatory.

Additionally, the ICC will continue holding Agenda Meetings (every other Monday 10/2, 10/16, 10/30, 11/13, and 11/27) & Executive Meetings (every Wednesday 2:30-3:30 PM) . These meetings will also be hybrid.

How to Stay an Active Club This Quarter

To stay an active club off Probation this quarter, all clubs must meet these minimum requirements:

  1. Make sure to have someone present for the entirety of Club Day on Thursday October 12th (details TBD).
  2. Make sure to have a representative at all ICC Representative Meetings this quarter
  3. Have a meeting a month (about 3 meetings each quarter) and send proof of the meeting (agenda + sign-in sheet OR Zoom screenshot with date) to the ICC Chair of Club Affairs

Failure to fulfill one of these requirements will result in the club being placed on Probation; if a club has two Probations, they become Inactive. You can read more about this in the ICC Code.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for updates, here and on our Events page!

Office Hours

The ICC Office Hours are as follows:

  • Joel Ng, DASG Chair of ICC:
  • Sean Htet, ICC Chair of Club Affairs:
  • Silmi Sultaan, ICC Chair of Equity
    • Tue & Thu 8:30-9:30 AM, Hybrid - in ICC Office & Zoom (Join with link)
  • Will Wu, ICC Chair of Finance:
    • Tue 3-4 PM & Thu 1-2 PM, Hybrid - in ICC Office & Zoom (Join with link)
  • Dana Sanei, ICC Chair of Programs:
    • Tue & Thu 11 AM-12 PM, Hybrid - in ICC Office & Zoom (Join with link)
  • Darin Djapri, ICC Vice Chair of Programs:
  • Dan Gotesdyner, ICC Chair of Marketing:
    • Tue & Thu 9:30-10:30 AM, In Person in ICC Office
  • Carys Atmodjo, ICC Vice Chair of Marketing:
  • Maritza Arreola, ICC Advisor:
    • by appointment (email to schedule)

New Club Information

We are currently allowing new clubs to be formed. If you are interested in getting more information on starting a De Anza club, feel free to look through the How to Start a New Club Guide or check out our video on How to Start a New Club. The deadline to submit new club applications is before the Agenda Meeting of the 6th week for Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters (or Monday October 30th by 1:30 PM PT for this quarter). We recommend submitting them earlier than later in case changes are required.

Thank you for being a part of De Anza College this quarter and we look forward to seeing clubs continue to thrive and showcase their creativity for Fall 2023!


Joel Ng, DASG Chair of ICC

Sean Htet, ICC Chair of Club Affairs

Silmi Sultaan, ICC Chair of Equity

Will Wu, ICC Chair of Finance

Elton Chen, ICC Vice Chair of Finance

Dana Sanei, ICC Chair of Programs

Darin Djapri, ICC Vice Chair of Programs

Dan Gotesdyner, ICC Chair of Marketing

Carys Atmodjo, ICC Vice Chair of Marketing

Maritza Arreola, ICC Advisor

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Contact Us


ICC Chairperson

Joel Ng
Contact me about: General ICC business, Representative Meetings, Club Status, ICC Intern position

ICC Chair of Club Affairs

Sean Htet
Contact me about: Starting or reactivating a club, Club Status

ICC Chair of Equity

Silmi Sultaan
Contact me about: Starting an affinity-based club, equity-focused partnerships or events, equity support for ICC/clubs

ICC Chair of Finance

Will Wu
Contact me about: Club accounts, reimbursements, budget requests

ICC Vice Chair of Finance

Elton Chen

ICC Chair of Programs

Dana Sanei
Contact me about: Club Days and other ICC events

ICC Vice Chair of Programs

Darin Djapri

ICC Chair of Marketing

Dan Gotesdyner
Contact me about: Outreach to ICC social media, support with club marketing

ICC Vice Chair of Marketing

Carys Atmodjo

ICC Secretary

Maliah Kenoly
Contact me about: Representative Meeting attendance, club status, outreach to ICC/Clubs Mailing List

ICC Advisor

Maritza Arreola
ICCAdvisor@fhda.edu or ArreolaMaritza@fhda.edu
Contact me about: Club advertising to The Scoop OCL Newsletter, club Pro Zoom accounts, any ICC business

Please visit the Meet the ICC Team page for bios and office hours.


(408) 864-8692 (ICC Advisor)

(408) 864-8530 (ICC Secretary)

(408) 864-8693 (ICC Office)

We are best reached via email at this time, but we'll respond to messages as soon as possible.


Hinson Campus Center, Lower Level
(Next to De Anza Student Government)

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