Business 18

DeAnza College Course: Business/Para 18, Business Law 1
Bus 018

Student Learning Outcomes for this course: 

Demonstrate a knowledge of basic tort, constitutional, criminal, and administrative law. 

Evaluate factually simple contract issues using basic common law or UCC rules.

Identify ethical issues in a business law context. 

Demonstrate a knowledge of basic legal terminology. 
Text, (Required): • Textbook: Either Concise Essentials of Business Law, De Anza College Edition, Jeffrey F. Beatty and Susan S. Samuelson, Cengage or Essentials of Business Law, latest ed, Beatty and Samuelson, Thomson/Southwestern, ISBN: 13:978-0538 47380-4 or 10-0538-47380-0 (earlier editions acceptable).,
(Recommended) Guide to Business Law 2nd ed, Gough, Kendall Hunt Pub. ISBN 978-14652-2632-7. 
Instructor: Michael Gough
Office: F51a
Telephone: 408 864-8622 

Course info(syllabus, dates etc) provided in Canvas

The American legal system and laws applicable to business emphasizing contract, agency, intellectual property and sales laws, the impact of the legal system on business and ethical considerations in the business environment.

Chapters or equivalent in earlier editions

1 Introduction
2 Ethics
3 Dispute Resolution
4 Common, Stautory and Admin Law
5 Constitutional Law
6 Torts
7 Crimes
8 International
9 Contracts
10 Agreement 
11 Consideration 
12 Legality 
13 Capacity
14 Writing 
15 3rd Parties 
16 Performance, Breach, Discharge
17-18 Remedies/Practical Contracts 
19 Sales 
20 Ownership and Risk
25-27 Agency and Employment 
33 Intellectual Property 

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