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Date: September 15, 2021
Time: 2:30 - 3:20 p.m.
Location: Zoom

  • Agenda

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    Balm, Lee


    Public Comment on Items Not On Agenda

    (Senate cannot discuss or take action)




    Welcome and Introductions

    For our next meeting: Executive and Associate members, please gather some pictures that represent things about you to complete your virtual poster in these slides.  We will each briefly share our posters over the course of the first few Fall Academic Senate meetings.





    Balm, All





    Good of the Order



    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information 

  • Minutes

    Approval of Agenda & Minutes from June 14, 2021 Meeting

    • Erik moved to approve agenda, Lisa seconded, unanimous consent.
    • Erik moved to approved June 14 minutes, Lisa secondedunanimous consent.
    • It was confirmed that both Helen and Felisa, embedded counselors, along with other area representatives listed in the by-laws (updated April 2021,) are voting members of the Executive Committee.

    Public Comment on Items Not on Agenda
    (Senate cannot discuss or take action)

    Two new guests introduced themselves.

    Tabia Lee, preferred name Lee, (pronoun she, her, hers,) new Faculty Director, Office of Equity, Social Justice, and Multicultural Education. Her first Academic Senate meeting at De Anza. She was extremely interested in governance and looked forward to collaborating with everyone.

    Roderic Taylor also came to get acquainted with the Senate.

    Mary D shared her excitement over teaching summer quarter. The Outdoor Club has been active and was planning their kayaking trip.

    Mary also asked about the potential re-opening of the flea market in the fall quarter and expressed concern about its impact on student parking on those Saturdays.

    Welcome and Introductions

    Cheryl proposed a new way for the Senate Executive and Associate members to get to know each other more deeply. Instead of the usual introduction of saying their names and divisions around the room, she is adapting a method used during the Classified Senate Summer Summit. Cheryl prepared a PowerPoint with a slide for each member. During the next few meetings people will complete and share their interests and ideas with pictures and words in these virtual posters.

    Cheryl will send out reminders and instructions on how to upload items to make the posters.

    Brown Act Requirements Effective Oct 1, 2021

    The Academic Senategovernmental body, is subject to the requirements of the Brown Act, and must provide public notice of its meetings, post agendas of the subjects to be discussed at those meetings and provide public access to those meetings. 

    Beginning in March 2020, Executive Order N-29-20 authorized exemptions to certain requirements under the Brown Act and the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act relating to teleconferencing rules.

    This has allowed the Senate to conduct its meetings via zoom. Many of the Senate executive members surveyed expressed an interest in continuing such or a hybrid method with the option of attending remotely and in person.

    On June 11, 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom issued Executive Order N-08-21, which among other things rescinds his prior Executive Order N-29-20 and sets a date of October 1, 2021 for public agencies to transition back to public meetings held in full compliance with the Brown Act.

    Unless the exemptions in Executive Order N-29-20 are extended, the Senate must disclose the location of any voting member joining via Zoom on the agendahave more than 50% of the voting members join from within FHDA boundaries, (Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Mountainview, and Los Altos) whether in person or via Zoom, to make quorum.

    Non-voting members may continue to join via zoom. Voting members, if joining by teleconferences, must disclose the location, and allow the public to join the meeting and address the body. The location does not have to be a home address. People can join via Zoom from a public library, a coffee shop, a parking lot, or their office on campus.

    Discussion on solutions. 
    Cheryl recommended that any voting members who are not comfortable joining meetings in-person from MLC 109 join via Zoom from their office on the DA campus. People can be socially isolated, do not havto give out home addresses, and count toward meeting quorum.

    From her survey, only 4 voting members are committed to joining on campus. Currently, there are 21 voting members, and they will need 11 to make quorum. The Senate has 32 voting seats. If all the vacancies are filled, they will need 17 for quorum. If quorum is met, voting members can participate from remote locations.

    More people expressed willingness to come to campus or zoom from within district boundary in a public place, if needed, to make quorum. 

    There was discussion on meeting less often, every 2 weeks instead of every week, to reduce the amount of travel for faculty teaching online with no reason besides Academic Senate to travel to campus or be within FHDA boundaries. People will need to commit to coming in and be prepared if meeting biweekly.

    Mary P pointed out that in the by-laws, Article X, the Senate meets every Mon 2:30 to 4:30pm. However, the executive committee may vote to amend the by-laws.

    Someone pointed out the danger of giving out home address especially for women.

    There were suggestions on reaching out to local representatives to advocate for an extension to the executive order. This is affecting a lot of people. Every academic senate is dealing with the same issues. They are beholden to same policy. The Trustees are discussing it as well. Patrick A is in contact with Ethan Low.

    Cheryl will work with Dawn to set up a rotation schedule for signups to ensure quorum and spread the burden.

    Mary D. suggested meeting in a well-ventilated area outside, like the lower Stelling parking garage. Cheryl explained that she relocated the meeting site from ADM109 to MLC109 for larger space and better ventilation. Everyone will be masked.

    Cheryl hoped to fill the remaining vacancies to get more voices in the room. Some are areas added in the updates to the Constitution and By-laws last spring. THey are working to encourage more participation in shared governance while adhering to the law. She pointed out that associate members, other faculty, and members of the public can join meetings via Zoom from undisclosed locations.

    Goals and Priorities
     for the quarter and year

    Cheryl attached to the agenda a worksheet for the Senate as a body to map out together the goals and priorities for the year. People should start working and have it ready for discussion by Monday. The goal is to have it approved by week two.

    Good of the Order

    Cheryl pointed out that in the Maxient De Anza incident report, there is an option to state an incident as covid related.

    • Erik motioned, Bob seconded, to adjourn, no objection.





    Cheryl Balm


    Mary Pape

    Executive Secretary

    So Kam Lee

    Part-time Faculty Representatives

    Ishmael Tarikh

    Mary Donahue

    Academic Services &  
    Learning Resources

    Cecilia Hui

    Bio/Health/Environmental Sciences

    Robert Kalpin

    Anna Miller

    Business/Computer Science/ 
    Applied Technologies



    Career Technical Education & Workforce Development



    Counseling - General

    Robert Alexander

    Lisa Castro

    Counseling - Embedded

    Felisa Vilaubi

    Helen Pang

    Creative Arts  



    Disability Support Programs & Services and Adapted PE

    Kevin Glapion

    Anita Vazifdar

    Equity and Engagement


    Intercultural/International Studies



    Language Arts

    Shagun Kaur

    Lauren Gordon

    Physical Education

    Louise Madrigal

    Rusty Johnson

    Physical Sciences, Mathematics, & Engineering

    Lisa Mesh


    Social Sciences & Humanities


    Nellie Vargas

    Student Development & EOPS

    Melinda Hughes

    Curriculum Committee

    Erik Woodbury

    Professional Development*

    Dawn Lee Tu

    Administrator Liaison*

    Lydia Hearn

    DASG Representative*

    Faculty Association Representative*

    Mary Donahue

    *non-voting member





    Lloyd Holmes

    De Anza President

    Rob Miesa

    VP of Student Services

    Christina Espinosa-Pieb

    VP of Instruction

    Pam Grey

    VP of Administrative Services

    Hyon Chu Yi-Baker

    Director of College Life & Student Judicial Affairs


    Marisa Spatafore

    Associate VP of Communications & External Relations

    Classified Senate

    Max Meyberg

    De Anza Student Trustee

    Mallory Newell-

    Institutional Research

    Moaty Fayek

    Dean of Business/Computer Info Systems

    Renee Augenstein

    Articulation Officer

    Brian Malone

    Tenure Review Coordinator

    Daniel Smith

    Dean of Creative Arts

    Eric Mendoza

    Dean of Physical Education and Athletics

    Thomas Ray

    Dean of Language Arts

    Alicia Cortez

    Dean of Equity and Engagement

    Randy Bryant

    Dean of Career & Technical Education (CTE)

    Kathryn Maurer

    Foothill Academic Senate President

    Karen Chow

    FHDA District Academic Senate President

    Laureen Balducci

    Dean of Counseling, DSPS & Title IX Coordinator

    Anita Kandula

    Dean of Biological, Health, and Environmental Sciences

    Michele LeBleu-Burns

    Dean of Student Development/EOPS

    Lisa Mandy

    Director of Financial Aid

    Nazy Gayloyan

    Dean of Enrollment Services

    Edmundo Norte

    Dean of Intercultural/International Studies

    Jerry Rosenberg

    Dean of Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering

    Judy Miner

    FHDA Chancellor

    Elvin Ramos

    Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities

    Patrick Gannon

    Director, Book Store

    David Ulate

    FHDA Research & Planning

    Mae Lee

    Curriculum Committee Vice-Chair

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