The Campus Center operation consists of Food Services and Building Services. Each year over 1,500,000 patrons are served. In addition, various instructional and student service departments are housed in the building. These include DASG, EOPS, Flea Market, Health Office, Photo I.D., Security, Student Accounts and Office of College Life. These operations and the facilities housing them provide for daily interaction between students, staff and community members in a stimulating, informal and accepting environment. It is expected that the Campus Center will be supportive of activities, cultural events and displays and student life in general, keeping in mind the critical business demands on the various operations.


The Campus Center Board exists to assist in providing the best possible service to the De Anza College community. The College recognizes the importance of student input in Campus Center governance, but also recognizes that Campus Center administrative personnel are ultimately responsible for the administration of the Campus Center.


The Campus Center Board is a recommending committee comprised of administration, student representatives and staff. The Board is chaired by the Director, College Operations. The Board may review the effectiveness of the Campus Center operation in serving the needs of the De Anza College community while maintaining fiscal integrity of the budget. The Board may make recommendations to the Campus Center administrative staff concerning major policy issues and facility renovations. This can include a review of the financial condition of the Campus Center operation, review of planned major changes in facility, and planned major changes in the day-to-day operation.


Members (11) One year term of office.

  • Director, College Operations (Chair)
  • (3) DASB - appointed by the DASB
  • (3) ICC - Members should reflect student club diversity 
  • (2) Faculty members - appointed by the Academic Senate
  • (1) Classified staff member
  • (2) Rotating representatives (2) from Campus Center offices
  • Invited Guests (2)
    • Director, Food Services
    • Coordinator, College Life


Meetings shall be held once every quarter and as needed. Meetings shall be called by the Chairperson and shall be scheduled at a time convenient to the Board membership. Additional meetings may also be called at the request of three members; such request is to be made in writing to the Chairperson, who may decline the request if s/he feels the meeting is unnecessary.


The Director, College Operations shall serve as Chairperson and in this capacity performs the following duties:

  1. Sets meeting times as needed.
  2. Prepares and distributes the agenda and minutes.
  3. Provides information on Campus Center operations to Board members.
  4. Agenda items are to be submitted to the Chairperson at least one week in advance of the scheduled meeting time.
  5. The agenda will be distributed three working days before a scheduled meeting.
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