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Date: October 13, 2020
Time: 1:15 - 2:00

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader

    Review/Approve Notes

    D/A Grey
    1:25-1:30 Review Role, Guiding Principles, Ground Rules - First Reading I/D Grey
    1:30-1:40 Review Campus Facilities Committee Membership I/D Grey
    1:40-2:00 Facilities Master Plan Task Force Membership I/D Grey

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Grey opened the meeting by welcoming the newly appointed constituent members and by requesting a realignment of the focus of the committee to work together for the best interests of the campus as a whole and for the students. She also drew attention to the premise of the shared governance process whereby members represent their constituent groups and thus should share information and gather feedback from their members.

    Review/Approve Notes

    The May 5, June 10, June 17 and September 29 notes were approved.

    Review Role, Guiding Principles, Ground Rules - First Reading

    Following up from a discussion from the September 29 meeting regarding the clarification of the guiding principles, Grey displayed the first reading of a draft webpage “About Campus Facilities” which included the role, guiding principles and ground rules of the committee. Members were asked to review the draft information and be ready to finalize and approve at the next meeting.

    Review Campus Facilities Committee Membership

    The team reviewed the membership. There are two openings: one classified and one student. Student Zoe Vulpe is standing in until DASB can find a permanent representative. Vulpe, Zhang, Holt and committee mentor Lockwood would work together to assist the permanent student representative to catch up. There was a question on the process of the appointment of three administrators and why they were already reflected on the membership page. There was also a specific question on the moving of two of the invited guests into administrator voting positions. There was also a question if more changes can be made to the membership. Grey referred back to a previous meeting where there was a discussion and consensus on the parity of the group. Voting members were added to areas to be consistent with the three classified spaces. Grey stated that she did not know of any other group with such equal representation. For clarification, Grey noted that the committee is not covered by the Brown Act such as Academic Senate. The committee’s decisions are made by consensus, not by formal votes. The chair is not usually a voting member. The district representative was replaced due to a recent resignation and this position is identified as a district position, not as a constituent position, meaning that it could be filled by any class of employee. Each constituent group decides on their representatives. Thus, the three administrator voting positions are decided by the administrators. The administrators discussed and agreed based on various factors including that the PE division accounted for approximately one quarter of the area of the campus, and that Creative Arts is noted in the Facilities Master Plan (FMP).

    Facilities Master Plan (FMP) Task Force Membership

    The FMP task force is made up of the Facilities Committee and volunteers. It was communicated to the group if you cannot or prefer not to be a member of the task force, to please let Grey and Gore know and those names would be removed from the calendar invites.  As previously noted, an email was sent out to the Academic Senate, Classified Senate, DASB, Equity Action Council and the administrators to request for volunteers (in addition to the Campus Facilities Committee) to serve on the task force. The meeting schedule was noted in the email. As the FMP process builds on itself, the only request was that volunteers be available to attend all meetings for the duration of the project and to keep their constituent groups updated. All names that were forwarded had been invited to serve on the task force.  However, Grey reiterated that the task force members are invited to share their thoughts and ideas on the needs of the campus as a whole, looking forward over the next 5 – 30 years and not just to represent their own areas over the short term. The FMP kick off meeting starts at 2 p.m. today and the team will learn more about the task force at this meeting. 


    Attendees as per Zoom Meeting Report

    Campus Facilities Committee Meeting Start Time
    ID 96544126132 10/13/20 13:10
    Name (Original Name) Total Duration (Minutes)
    Carol Cini 45
    Chia Wen 42
    Cindy Lee 40
    Daniel Acosta 40
    Daniel Smith 43
    Emanuel (Manny) DaSilva 42
    Eric Mendoza 42
    Eugene Rodriguez 43
    Hyon Chu Yi-Baker 14
    Jennifer Mahato 42
    Kulwant Singh 36
    Mary Sullivan 42
    Matthew Holt 42
    Pam Grey 36
    Patrick Gannon704096 37
    Pippa Gibson 44
    Rosafel Nogra 42
    Sally Gore 45
    Sarah Wallace 43
    Tim Shively 42
    Tina Lockwood 44
    Yuetong Zhang 44
    Zoe Vulpe (DASB temp 3rd rep) 42

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