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Date: May 25, 2021
Time: 2:00-3:00 p.m.

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    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:00-2:05 Review/approve notes from October 13, 2020 meeting A Mahato
    2:05-2:20 FMP update I Mahato
    2:20-2:30 District Energy and Sustainability Advisory Committee Update  - ESAC Presentation I Cadiz

    College Operations & Construction Projects Update

    I Mahato
    2:40-2:50 Quick News/Information Sharing I All

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    Notes May 25, 2021

    Review/approve notes from the October 13, 2020 meeting

     The meeting notes from October 13, 2020 were reviewed and approved with changes.

    Facilities Master Plan - FMP Update

    The FMP has been completed and it was approved at the April Board of Trustees meeting along with the Foothill College Master Plan and the District’s Master Plan. The  California Community College website provides information outlining the requirements for the governing board of each community college in California to have a Capital Construction plan. A Capital Construction Plan is based on the Educational Master Plan and the Facilities Master Plan. The Facilities Master Plan must be done by each campus informs the 5-year Capital Construction Plan.

    Questions were asked about a general list of capital projects from 2019, listing the replacement of the A Quad and the L Quad. It was shared that these projects were part of the 2016. There were some questions raised about details, programming and campus engagement for the projects. There will be an opportunity for all stakeholder groups to participate in the process.  Mr. Joel Cadiz shared the programming process will begin to define the spaces and the projects based on the Facilities Master Plan. It is anticipated to begin in the Fall. The District Facilities department is also looking at viable state funding for the A Quad, L Quad, and the PE area.

    District Energy and Sustainability Advisory Committee (ESAC) Update

    Joel Cadiz, Executive Director of Facilities and Operations, was introduced to the group. Mr. Cadiz shared a presentation about the District Energy and Sustainability Advisory Committee, also known as ESAC. Committee Representatives are from Foothill College, De Anza College and the District. The committee is tasked to create an Energy Master Plan which is currently in process. Sustainability is at the forefront of the District and the campuses. The ESAC will be instrumental in formulating a formal plan for sustainability and will work to create an Energy Master Plan for the District. The ESAC mission statement, goals and objectives were shared. Cadiz commended Yuetong Zhang for her work as part of the ESAC and welcomed Afizah Ghazali, who will be the newest member to the ESAC. The committee meets bi-weekly. The link to the ESAC can be found here:

    Grey shared De Anza College has been focused on sustainability for many years and has received several awards for campus sustainability efforts.

    College Operations & Construction Projects update

    Mahato shared a presentation about College Operations and the department’s activities on campus during the pandemic. The College Operations team includes Custodial, Grounds, the De Anza Campus Bookstore, Mailroom/Postal Services, Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment, Facilities Rentals, and Administrative Assistance.

    College Operations has supported the first phases of the return to campus. This includes the return of some programs, an upcoming Graduation Photo Opportunity, an upcoming Covid-19 vaccine clinic, mail distribution and custodial and grounds services.

    Completed construction projects include Hy-Flex classrooms which will allow for hybrid learning, removing the old outdoor benches and ordering and installing new, installation scheduled late August, early September, updated benches including the commemorative benches. The replacement of the gates at the swimming pool is complete. PE21, main gym interior has received a new coat of paint. The RSS, Social Sciences and Humanities Division Office, Automotive Technology computer lab, S43 tutorial resource center, La Voz newspaper office, Science Center common area for part time faculty and PE13 storage room have all received updates and have been refreshed.

    Projects currently underway include Measure C Science Center buildings 1 and 2 roof replacement, Campus Center flooring replacement including the dining room halls and conference rooms, Instructional Writing Surface remediation which includes removing the old chalkboards and replacing with brand new white boards.

    Grey thanked the staff for the presentation and recognized the work and coordination that has happened since the pandemic began.

    Quick News/Information Sharing

    DASG shared several items including:

    Environmental Career Panel on May 28, 3-5PM, collaboration between ES Committee, Zero Waste Club, and Acterra Young Professionals. Professionals in fields related to sustainability and the environment will be talking with students about their career paths on a main panel and in breakout rooms. RSVP Link:

    Fighting Anti-Blackness Panel by DASG Student Rights and Services Committee with Black Outreach. Date: June 4, 3PM. RSVP Link:

    Mental Fitness Project Talk by the Diversity and Events Committee on June 11, 1-3PM. RSVP Link:

    Health Services is holding a Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic which will be held June 8, 9 and 10 from 8:00 a.m. to noon at the Campus Center, Student Health Services outside breezeway.

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    Afizah Ghazali (Nur Afizah Fadhilah)


    Eric Mendoza


    Tina Lockwood


    Daniel Smith


    Jennifer Mahato


    Sarah Wallace


    Mary Sullivan


    Cindy Lee


    Joel Cadiz


    Rosafel Nogra


    Daniel Acosta


    Matthew Holt (Matthew Louis Holt)


    Patrick Gannon




    Tim Shively


    Anthony Caceres


    Eugene Rodriguez


    Pam Grey


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