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Date: May 2, 2023
Time: 2:30-3:30pm - meeting time changed due to the Chancellor Search Open Forum
Location: Via Zoom*

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    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:30-2:35 Review/Approve Notes from April 18, 2023 meeting A Mahato
    2:35-2:45 Affordable Housing Task Force I Landefield/Flores/Reed
    2:45-2:55 Art on Classroom Walls I Kaufman/Breiter

    Security Camera Project Update

    I Acosta

    HEERF Project Updates

    1. Drinking Fountain Project
    2. HVAC Projects



    Measure G Project Updates


    3:10-3:20 Committee Structure based on Faculty Feedback at College Council on March 23, 2023  I/D Mahato

    Information Sharing/Quick News

    I All

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Campus Facilities


    May 2, 2023

    Review/Approve notes from the April 18. 2023 meeting

    The notes were approved.

    Affordable Housing Task Force

    The Affordable Housing Task Force was created two years ago under the Chancellor’s Advisory Council. The purpose of the task force was to review affordable housing for students, staff, and faculty across the district. A feasibility study was created in the amount of $264k, funded by a state grant. Four locations on the Foothill Campus were identified.  Parking lots 2 and 3, the parking lot near the district office and the location on the north side of the football field. The Foothill Observatory parking lot location was reviewed but it was determined not to be a viable location due to the neighboring community and the location of the Foothill Observatory. The Sunnyvale site parking lot was also considered. It was shared the deed for the Sunnyvale site would not allow housing, however the programming under which the district received the property would allow for housing. The district would need to go back to the Department of Education to request for a change in the deed under the original programming.

    One site was identified at De Anza in the parking lot at the corner of Stevens Creek and Stelling Road. This location has been ear marked for a discussion around a Santa Clara County medical building and is unavailable. Other discussions included the Vallco Mall location and offsite locations. The task force is continuing to look at options. The last recommendation was to explore a state grant that would pay for most of the construction project. The task force will reconvene to look at the recommended sites, hopefully select one and move forward. The new Foothill President has shown interest in student housing for both Foothill and De Anza students.

    A survey was sent to 50,000 potential students about housing. There were 2500 responses. 66% of the respondents applied to Foothill or De Anza but did not currently attend. It was shared that out of the 66% who did not attend, those respondents would have likely attended if there was housing. It was shared housing might boost enrollment. The other metric from the survey was 13% who took the survey were either homeless or housing insecure at the time of the survey.  

    A question was asked if there had been any discussions around the additional costs of building on-site housing and the ongoing costs of staffing and maintenance. In addition, Title 9, resident life, and ADA would need to be considered.  It was shared that Bond funds can only pay for construction. Also shared was traditional dorm rooms cost students approximately $450 per bed/per month. The students surveyed indicated they considered $750 per bed/per month as affordable. If housing were to be built on campus, likely the maintenance, custodial and the grounds would need to be provided by in-house, union scale workers. More information will be shared by the task force when it is available.

    Art on Classroom Walls

    A pre-pilot proposal was brought forward to explore the idea of bringing art into the classrooms on the De Anza Campus. The intent of the program is to encourage a sense of inclusion and well-being during in person classes. Most of the classrooms do not have any artwork on the walls. The goal is to get the Facilities Committee approval to implement a pilot program. A proposal was shared with the group.

    It was discussed the program would need facilities support and College Operations has agreed to be the liaison between the campus and facilities. The attachment of the art to the fall would be temporary and non-permanent. It was requested upcoming events surrounding the program be shared with College Operations and Communications. 

    The proposal was received with enthusiasm and was approved.

    Security Camera Project Update

    The Chief of Police shared ALPR (automatic license plate readers) on the Foothill College campus cameras are functional and running. The locations are at the main entrance and exits to the campus.  This is a pilot programs to see how to cameras work. Pictures were shown of different areas on the Foothill campus where some vandalism occurred about a year ago.  Once testing has been completed, the intent is to install the cameras at the De Anza campus. The only information that is shared from the ALPR’s is the vehicle make and model, the license plate and the entry and exit points. 95% of the campus traffic occurs at the main entrance.

    A question was asked about the focus once installed on the De Anza campus. There are many more entrance and exit points on the De Anza campus. One of the reasons the cameras are being piloted at Foothill is to see how they work. The police will work with the De Anza teams to decide on the final installation locations.

    HEERF Project Updates

    Drinking Fountain Project

    A public bid was solicited, the district has a positive responder, and a contract is being finalized.

    HVAC Projects

    There was an extensive investigation to mitigate the effects of Covid. A report has been generated very recently. The district facilities dept. is reviewing the report and will let the campus know if there are any projects as a result.

    Measure G Project Updates

    Project 201 – Upgrade Fire Alarms and Suppression Systems

    The District Project Management team finished the fire alarm assessments campus wide. The team is currently working with a consultant to separate the project into smaller phases. This is done so the system can continue to run while other areas are being worked on.

    Project 202 – New Services for Students Building

    The New Services for Students Building project is part of the Mega Project. The President’s Office and College Council requested a task force for the Mega Project. Names for the membership have been collected and the President’s Office is putting together the first meeting to discuss the expectations of the task force.

    Project 204 – Converting Existing Facility to Beach Volleyball

    The existing facility was a softball facility. The project is almost ready to go to Division of the State Architect (DSA) for review and approval. The project is currently in construction documents. Once the documents are approved the project will go out to bid. Anticipated submittal is about a six-week lead time. Anticipated groundbreaking is within the 2023 calendar year.

    Project 212 – Modernizing Building Interiors and Exteriors

    The project has a sub-project – Project 213 – Renovating Restrooms in S2, S6 and L5. The Campus Facilities Committee created a task force. The group will meet on May 5, May 19, and June 2 to discuss the possibility of adding all gender/gender neutral restrooms in buildings S2, S6 and L5.

    Project 509 – De Anza Event Center

    This project is part of the Mega Project and is with the task force and the President’s Office. 

    It was noted the ETS department is spending Measure G dollars on computer refresh across all campuses. ETS is making a diligent effort in this area to support all of us.

    Committee Structure based on Faculty Feedback at College Council on March 23, 2023

    Feedback was received by Director Mahato that this committee should reflect the same structure as RAPP. Mahato has reached out to the President of the Academic Senate with some information to assist with guiding the group.  At the time, it was communicated that the Academic Senate President had other commitments and was unable to assist at the time. Mahato is sharing this information here so that it can be discussed in Fall when the new academic year begins. It was noted the Campus Facilities Committee has utilized the task force and subcommittee models for projects and that may be explored further in the Fall.

    Information Sharing/Quick News

    Graduation is July 1, 2023, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Please contact Sally Gore if you are interested in volunteering.


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