General Meeting Information

Date: December 7, 2017
Time: 1:30 p.m.
Location: ADM 109

  • Agenda

    Time Agenda Topic Purpose Discussion Leader Outcome
    1:30-1:35 p.m. Introductions; approval of minutes I/A All Welcome/Approval
    1:35-1:45 p.m. FYI regarding technology audit I Spatafore Information
    1:40-1:50 p.m. Update on OmniUpdate trainings I Harrell Information
    1:50-2:40 p.m.

    Evaluation of Technology Plan progress

    I/D Spatafore/Pape/All Information/Discussion
    2:40-3 p.m.

    Standing updates

    • Accessibility (including new legal update)
    • Banner Student
    • ETS
    • ETS Project Scheduling
    • Online Education Advisory Group


    • Dietrich/Shears
    • Harrell
    • Moreau/Luciw
    • Cheu
    • Ranck/King

    Information Sharing

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Present: Raymond Brennan, Cecilia Hui, Heidi King, Sharon Luciw, Leah Mieso (notes), Joe Moreau, Cheryl Owiesny, Mary Pape (co-chair), Lorrie Ranck, Jerry Rosenberg, Dennis Shannakian, Marisa Spatafore (co-chair)

    Introductions/Approval of Minutes

    Members provided self-introductions and the minutes of November 2, 2017, were approved.

    Technology Audit

    Spatafore and Moreau gave a brief review of the state auditor’s report. Spatafore showed the published document and noted it is available online.

    OmniUpdate Trainings

    Spatafore spoke on Harrell’s behalf, as he unexpectedly needed to leave campus. He has trained almost 100 people so far, and the trainings have been very successful. The Web Team is also available for one-on-one trainings throughout the website redesign process. Emails will be sent to users who haven’t been trained yet, probably in early January. Overall, outstanding progress has been made.

    Technology Plan One-Year Evaluation

    Pape and Spatafore introduced the draft evaluation questions, which the committee agreed to use. Moreau suggested providing the questions to ETAC and Foothill so they have the option of using the same criteria.

    Evaluation Questions
    1. Listed objective evaluation questions
    2. Were we successful?
    3. Improve/change objective? Improve/change implementation activity? Other?
    Goal 1: Support ubiquitous, agile technology across the campus community


    Technology Plan Evaluation

    Promote the consolidation of technology functions to yield economies of scale and/or foster better communication

    Evaluation Criteria: Demonstrable consolidations

    Update: Additional website progress

    Improvements/Changes: Successful and ongoing. No changes requested.

    Assist with the transition of the course management system from Catalyst to Canvas

    Evaluation Criteria: Documented student and faculty satisfaction, e.g. through surveys

    Update: Remarkably successful; 512 faculty trained or in progress to transition from Catalyst to Canvas. Administrators and deans were trained today. Online ed is continuing to develop processes and procedures. King created a sample course for students to test the functions of Canvas so they’re prepared for the real online classes. There has been some discussion about giving faculty a certificate for completing advanced training.

    Improvements/Changes: Objective successfully completed.

    An update to this objective will be provided at the next meeting.

    Create a map for technology support

    Evaluation Criteria: Documented awareness of map and usage of resources, e.g. through surveys, website usage

    Update: Harrell received updates from Hui, which have been included. The map will be featured on the new website.

    Improvements/Changes: Objective successfully completed. √

    Goal 2: Teaching, learning and student engagement



    Collaborate with Academic Senate, other partners on the development of open educational resources

    Evaluation Criteria: Creation and use of open educational resources.

    Update: OEI published a list of samples and feedback has been really helpful. There is talk about incorporating curation tools to allow faculty to search for materials by students in the course.

    Improvements/Changes: Successful and ongoing. No changes recommended.

    Assist as affordable and feasible in the organized provision of tablets and similar devices in classrooms and programs

    Evaluation Criteria: Documented conversations; procurement and use as able

    Update: Rocky was originally used to manage iPads, but the switch to Airwatch has been made. Airwatch makes the process more manageable. There might be some different processes with Airwatch. Still in progress.

    Improvements/Changes: Successful; in progress. No changes recommended.

    Guide the continual growth of course management system functionality to foster meaningful student-instructor and

    student-to-student communication

    Evaluation Criteria: Documented student and faculty satisfaction, e.g. through surveys

    Update: Two advanced workshops have been started. Online Ed is aware of this objective in developing workshops. The next cohort will be focused on equity.

    Improvements/Changes: Successful and ongoing. No changes recommended.

    Collaborate with its accessibility expert and Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) to continually

    evaluate accessibility and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance across the website, learning management system and student information systems

    Evaluation Criteria: Demonstrated accessibility and compliance, e.g. through testing

    Update: Accessibility has been a part of Harrell’s Omni trainings. The lab assessment is ongoing.

    Improvements/Changes: Successful and ongoing.

    Improve access to student and academic services via technology

    Evaluation Criteria: Demonstrated increased usage, e.g. through website analytics, and/or student satisfaction, e.g. through surveys

    Update: Starfish is still in the early stages right now, but when implemented will help improve student success. Net Tutor was selected by OEI and integrated integrated into Canvas. Smart thinking is also still being used.

    Improvements/Changes: Successful and ongoing. Recommended: “full deployment of tools including Starfish and EduNav” as updated evaluation criteria. This will be implemented.

    Goal 3: Deeper research into student success and subsequent responses



    Collect and analyze data to guide the enrichment of the student experience through technology

    Evaluation Criteria: Increased satisfaction as indicated by number and nature of Online Education help request tickets, website analytics; responses to regular technology surveys

    Update: Ongoing process

    Improvements/Changes: Successful. No changes requested.

    Research and work to implement device-independent technologies that improve student access and equity

    Successful implementation of research; student satisfaction surveys

    Update: Good progress is being made on MyPortal updates and the student mobile app. The app is slated to roll out late winter or early spring. Banner 9 will come out soon.

    Improvements/Changes: Successful and ongoing. No changes requested.

    Goal 4: Professional Development



    Cultivate a culture in which technology training is understood to beneficial for all employees

    Evaluation Criteria: Demonstrable participation

    Update: All users are being notified multiple times of opportunities for Omni training. Vice presidents, deans and directors were contacted separately to encourage staff participation. Numerous trainings for Canvas have been done as well as additional workshops.

    Improvements/Changes: Successful and ongoing. No changes requested.

    Evaluate technology training needs and priorities

    Evaluation Criteria: Ongoing additions and adjustments based on feedback from technology survey results, participation data, qualitative assessment; incorporation of training in new tools.

    Update: Currently in the screening phase of hiring a new technology trainer. The trainer will be key to successfully meeting this objective.

    Improvements/Changes: Implementation will accelerate with hiring of trainer. No changes requested.

    Standing Updates


    Luciw said she and Shears are scheduled to meet to follow up on accessibility improvements to labs.

    Banner Student

    Moreau said ETS kicked off the Banner 9 migration project this week. He’s hoping for continual progress on that but it isn't clear when the version will be finished. The hope is for July 1, but realistically it will probably be staggered over summer and early fall.

    ETS Project Scheduling

    Meeting as necessary.

    Online Education Initiative

    Info will be posted online

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