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Louise Ortiz

PE 41 J

Jovanah Arrington
Academic Advisor

PE 41K

our counselors logoLouise Ortiz is the division counselor for Kinesiology majors and student-athletes at De Anza, including those participating in the REACH and FAST programs.

Jovanah Arrington is the Athletics academic adviser and eligibility specialist.

They can assist you with

  • Choosing classes to reach your academic goal, such as earning a degree or certificate or transferring to a university
  • Creating an educational plan
  • Finding resources on campus, such as tutoring or other assistance
  • Exploring career options
  • Meeting NCAA and NAIA eligibility requirements
  • Setting goals and keeping on track
  • And more!
Students who aren't in the Athletics or Kinesiology programs can visit the general Counseling and Advising Center or a counselor within their division or program.

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