Conference and Travel Funds

Travel and conference funds are administered by the Office of Professional Development and awarded by the De Anza College Conference and Travel Funds Committee. In order to ensure equitable funding throughout the year, funds are divided among summer, fall, winter, and spring quarters.

Faculty Funds

$105,600.00 in conference and travel funds are available for De Anza full-time and eligible part-time faculty for 2022 – 2023 .

ACE Classified Professionals Funds

$20,000.00 in conference and travel funds are available for De Anza classified and classified hourly professionals for 2022 - 2023.

Teamsters Funds

At this time there are no conference and travel funds available for supervisors or management staff through the Office of Professional Development. Instructions and Applications may be obtained from this link:
Education, Travel and Conference Funds

Funding provides opportunities for faculty and classified professionals to attend seminars, workshops, and conferences. The Conference and Travel Funds are related to teaching and learning, job enhancement, and professional development. Examples of acceptable activities include:

  • attendance online, off-campus and on-campus professional conferences, workshops, and seminars.
  • visiting other colleges or industry settings to review exemplary programs.

Plan Ahead!! Please submit your application 34 weeks ahead of your activity to allow ample time for the submission and review process.

When Applications Will Start to be Reviewed

Fall (Activities that occur in the fall quarter): 4th week of September
Winter (Activities that occur in the winter quarter): 1st week of November
Spring (Activities that occur in the spring quarter): 2nd week of February
Summer (Activities that occur in the summer quarter): 2nd week of May

Conference and Travel Funds Committee

Dawn Lee, Director, Office of Professional Development, Committee Chair
Chrisitna Huaching Cho, Child Development Center
Claudia Guzman, Office of Professional Development
Allison Largent, International Student Advisor, DSO
Debbie Lee, Division Dean, Intercultural/International Studies
Amy Leonard, English
Robert Stockwell, Political Science


Important Changes

Plan Ahead! Please submit your application 3-4 weeks ahead of your activity to allow for ample time for the submission and review process. Applications must be approved by the committee prior to travel.

Quarter Meetings

Applications are reviewed until the funding allocated for the quarter is depleted.

Assembly Bill 1887 Travel Prohibition

This bill prohibits state funds from being used for travel to states that have passed laws authorizing or allowing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, same-sex relationship, or same-sex marriage and our FHDA Board of Trustees support these prohibitions. District funds are prohibited from being used to travel to prohibited states. List of prohibited stated [LINK]

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