Classes I teach in Winter 2023

  • CIS 9 - Intro to Data Science
  • CIS 18B - Advanced Unix / Linux
  • CIS 21JA - x86 Assembly Programming
  • CIS 41A - Python Programming

To help you schedule your future CIS classes

These are classes that I tentatively plan to teach in the next quarter(s), so you can make plans to take them (or avoid them).

Spring 2023

  • CIS 9 - Intro to Data Science
  • CIS 18A - Intro to Unix / Linux
  • CIS 18C - Bash Scripting
  • CIS 41B - Advanced Python Programming

These are classes I have been known to teach

CIS 9, CIS 18A, CIS 18B, CIS 18C, CIS 21JA, CIS 21JB, CIS 22A, CIS 22B, CIS 22C, CIS 27, CIS 33A, CIS 40, CIS 41A, CIS 41B

So if you're looking at the class schedule and wondering if the instructor listed is this Clare Nguyen character that you've heard rumors about, have no fear. Just do a mental grep of the class name against the above list and you'll have the answer. And if grep means nothing to you, CIS 18A will show you what grep is. (How's that for a shameless plug for the class?)

Any question about my classes, feel free to email me.

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