CIS 18B - Advanced Unix / Linux

Course Description

This class covers the more advanced topics of the Unix / Linux operating system:

  • egrep and find
  • sed and awk
  • file conversion, compression, source control
  • programming on Linux
  • installing Linux
  • introduction to shell scripting


  • CIS 18A - before taking this course
  • CIS 22A or an introductory programming course

Textbook (Optional)

  • A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming by Mark Sobell ISBN 0-13-136736-4


This is an online course

  • Lecture notes, videos, forum discussions, lab assignments, and quizzes are on line.
  • The midterm exam and final exam are traditionally on campus, but currently are also online.


Letter grades are assigned based on:

  • 8 lab assignments
  • 8 quizzes
  • 1 midterm exam
  • 1 comprehensive final exam
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