Math & Science Skills

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Our tutors and staff are ready to help you develop academic skills to succeed! For general academic skills courses and additional needs, please visit the Academic Skills Center location in ATC 302.

Build effective math & science studying and learning techniques with the MSTRC's skills resources!

Weekly Individual Tutoring (WIT) Skills

What are WIT Skills for the Algebras?  

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Successful Math Studying Habits Successful Math Studying Habits
Student Agreement Student Agreement
Getting to Know You Getting to Know You
MSTRC Orientation & Map MSTRC Orientation & Map
Creating a Commitment Creating a Commitment
Time Management Time Management
Instructor Meeting Instructor Meeting
Textbook Reading Textbook Reading
Test-Taking Strategies Test-Taking Strategies
Reducing Math Anxiety Reducing Math Anxiety
Tutor Checklist Tutor Checklist
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