Available Equipment

The basic rental rates for the VPAC will include all technicians and available equipment.  Only select equipment will incur an additional cost such as specialized equipment, the orchestra shell, marley floor, and steinway grand piano.  The following list encompasses the basic available equipment:


All rentals will include the standard sound package, which includes House Speakers (EAW KF730, SB730) or Cinema Surround Sound Speakers (JBL 3632-T), amplifiers, and stage monitors.

Available Microphones: 

  • 4 Wireless Microphones are available which can be interchanged between handheld or lavalieres.  
  • Wired SM58s (6) and SM57s (6)
  • Additional wireless microphones available at cost of $125/kit
  • Floor Mics (2)
  • SM81 Condenser Mics (2)
  • Shure Drum Mic Kit


  • The VPAC operates all sound via a Yamaha Digital M7CL-32 setup directly in the house.



  • Two line arrays located on either side of the stage in front of the mains
  • The stage is equipped with two 10'' JBL monitors.
  • Additional monitor wedges available upon request
  • Surround sound available for cinematic rentals.


  • Full overhead stage lighting plot with candescent fixtures and LED cyc lights
  • 5 Moving Lights w/ built in gobos
  • 8 Led Lights
  • 4 non-fixed lighting trees on either side of the stge
  • Two follow spots are available
  • Specials and placement of gobos are available upon request


  • The VPAC has a total of 5 moving lights located at various locations on stage

Note: Additional lights may not be added unless approved of by lighting director and rental coordinator.


  • The stage is equipped with a 15' x 35' drop down projection screen
  • A Christie HD6K digital projector is equipped on site.
  • Projection can be directed on to the cyc as well as the projection screen depending on the client's needs.

Stage Equipment

  • The orchestra shell is available for an additional fee equating to an extra hour before and thirty minutes after the event for setup and breakdown.
  • Marley dance flooring is available for an additional cost which will be one hour prior to initial contract start time and thirty minutes after the contract end time for setup and breakdown.
  • 8' x 4' orchestra risers are available upon request with multiple leg sizes of 6'', 12'', and 18''.
  • Wanger Choral risers are available upon request.


  • A Steinway Grand Piano is available for an additional $200 fee.


  • An upright steinway piano is available for practice in the green room only.


Tables, Chairs, and Music Stands

  • The VPAC has several 6'' tables and folding chairs available for lobby and theater use
  • 60 Wenger Orchestra chairs and 4 cello chairs area available for stage use only
  • 60 music stands are available
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