Stage Configurations

The Visual & Performing Arts Center's 40-feet wide by 35-feet deep stage can be configured for a variety of different event types:

Speaker Presentation or Panel Discussion

The stage can be configured for individual presentations or panel discussions.  We provide our built in 15' x 35' projection screen with a lectern capable of linking to our projection system.  


Fireside Chat

The mid-stage traveler closes off half the stage to remove dead space from the stage.  Cozy chairs and stage dressings provide a comfortable atmosphere for discussion with both the moderator and the audience.

Dance Performance

The full stage is opened up for dance performances with use up to of 8 tree lights, full over head lighting plot, and 13 moving lights.  For an additional fee, dance marley flooring can be set up.





The VPAC stage has various types of orchestra and choir setup capabilities.  Standard 8' x 4' risers and choral risers area available to be placed throughout the stage as well as 60 music chairs and stands.  A Steinway Grand Piano and Orchestra Shell are also available for an additional fee.


Movie Screening

Our built in 15' x 35' screen creates a wonderful theater setting with full surround sound and 6.5k projection.  Our system is set up with blu ray and non-regional dvd capabilities.

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