DOR Authorization Instructions

Students registered with Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), are responsible to meet the following protocols at De Anza College every quarter in order not to get dropped for non-payment and for DOR to process the necessary authorization for tuition payment.

In order NOT to get dropped for non-payment, students MUST complete the following two easy steps every quarter, immediately after registering for classes!

  1. Register for your classes
  2. Email DSS Supervisor Marco Tovar at with the following information:
    1. Your name and student ID
    2. The quarter that you are registering for
    3. Provide DSS Counselor name
    4. Indicate you are a DOR client

Once you provide Shirley this information, a hold will be placed on your records NOT to get dropped for non-payment.
If you follow this process, then you can ignore the college emails related to drop for non-payment alerts.

Email the information below to your DOR Counselor, in order for DOR to process the authorization for tuition payment to De Anza College.

  1. Login to MyPortal
  2. Click on APPS (left side of screen)
  3. Find Ebill card under students

    a. Click on card to open statements
    b. Click dropdown menu
    c. Select the specific academic period
    d. Click View Statement button

  4. Take a screenshot of this page and send to your appropriate DOR Representative to process the tuition for payment authorization.

As an alternative, form can be printed and scanned and emailed to your DOR Counselor or taken directly to the DOR office you work with.

Essential Key Notes 

Students are highly encouraged to check that the tuition fees have been authorized by DOR and processed by De Anza College around the 4th or 5th week after request.  Should there still be a balance due on the account at that time, then please contact the assigned DOR representative and update Shirley accordingly.

Please note:
The hold will impact priority registration and will prevent the student from registering for the following quarter, until the authorization has been processed.

If you have any issues retrieving this information or questions related to this process, then contact Marco Tovar at or call 408-864-8954.

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