APE Gymnasium/PE13

This is APE through cardiovascular, strength development, and range of motion in a traditional gym setting.  All students receive an individualized exercise program and an orientation of equipment.  Trained staff are available to assist with proper technique and safety so you can reach your personal fitness goals.  Classes run Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm, and there are options for independent and group exercise depending on class.  A sample of equipment in the gym include:

  • Recumbent steppers
  • Flexiciser/MOTOmeds
  • Parallel bars/stairs
  • Wheelchair accessible strength equipment
  • Treadmills
  • Total body recumbent bikes
  • Standing Frames

Anthony Salas on De Anza adapted PE handcycle photo by greg salas

APE gymnasium

 Anthony Salas De Anza Adapted P.E. treadmill photo by greg salas



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Building PE1, Gym PE-13
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