Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

Find answers to frequently asked questions about:


  • What is Section 504 and the American's with Disabilities Act and why are we legally required to provide accommodations?

  • Extended Time for an online quiz/exam and do students need to request it through the Testing Center:  

  • What do I do if a student has 'Breaks' as an approved accommodation?

  • How do I know what accommodations to provide to students?    

  • How do I make sure my exams accessible online?    

  • If a student is stating they receive accommodations, but I have not received an Letter of Accommodation (LOA), what should I do?  

  • Who do I contact if I have a question or concern about a student's accommodations?     

Note Taking

  • If a student in my class requests note taking services, how do I provide this?    

  • Do note takers get paid?  

  • Once a note taker has come forward, what happens next?     

  • How will notes be delivered?    

  • Notes and Tips for Note Taking    

  • Accessibility Tips  

  • Zoom Resources  

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