Impromptu Speech

Students will have several opportunities to deliver impromptu speeches, speeches that are delivered with limited opportunity to prepare, and that are delivered "off the cuff" or "off the top of your head." These impromptu speeches will not be graded.

For the final class session, a graded impromptu speech that is worth 10-points will be the last speech to be delivered in this COMM 1 class.

The goal of the impromptu speech will be to respond to a statement that appears on the note card. The note cared will be read to the student twice then the student will be asked to respond to the statement and speak for two-three minutes for a grade of ten-points.

The impromptu speech rubric should be reviewed as it lists the specifics that should be considered delivering this presentation. Capture the audience’s attention, provide a main point with an example, and conclude with a brief review and memorable statement. Focus on voice projection, eye contact, avoid vocalized pauses, and speak within the time frame.

This is a fun exercise so relax and enjoy!

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