Persuasive Speech Assignment

Upload Outline to Turnitin on Canvas


Prepare a persuasive speech from four-to-six  minutes on a topic of your choice.

Choose a topic that is important to you and to your audience. 

No visual aids (PowerPoint or Screen Share) are permitted for this assignment.

You should use one of the following organizational formats: the problem-solution, problem-cause-solution, or Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. 

You should verbally cite two sources in the speech, incorporate those sources in the body of your outline, and list those sources in the reference section of your preparation outline.

Plan to use 4x6 note cards and deliver your remarks extemporaneously.

Submit a full-preparation oultine to Turnitin on Canvas before your assigned speaking day and bring a physical copy of the outline to class for submission to the insturctor before delivery.  

For this speech focus of the time, use of transitions and citations, establish strong eye contact, avoiding distracting mannerisms, and provide support material.

Persuasive speech self-critique:

Within seven days of speech delivery, students should submit a two-page typed self-critique to Turnitin on Canvas. Late submissions will not be accepted. 

Refer to this website for the persuasive speech self-critique criteria for this assginment.

Audience Analysis Questionnaire 

Assignment: Prepare 10 questions using three different types of questions (Yes/No, Scale, and Open Ended) for a one-page audience analysis questionnaire. (See sample questions below). 


Demographic Information: (Optional information for inclusion in the audience questionnaire. The demographic questions should not be counted as part of the six target questions.)




Ethnic background

Family Size

Political affiliation

Marital status: Married, Single, Divorced

Major in school


Types of Questions

“Yes” or “No” answers:


Do you support political term limits for elected officials? Yes or No

Do you support the death penalty? Yes or No

Do you support mandatory vaccinations enforced by state and federal government? Yes or No

Do you support universal health care? Yes or No

Scale Statements:


The government should make a stronger effort to eliminate bullying in schools.

Agree strongly Agree Undecided Disagree Disagree strongly

The federal government should legalize marijuana for medical use.

Disagree 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Agree

The federal government should free health care. 

Strongly agree Mildly agree Undecided Mildly disagree Strongly disagree

Open Ended Questions:


What is your opinion about establishing free college education?

What is your position about income inequality?

What is your opinion about state and federal mandatory vaccinations? 

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