Students seeking credit by examination must first successfully complete 15 units at De Anza. Following this, students may file for credit by examination during any regular quarter for courses in which s/he is especially qualified through previous training or experience, and for which prior AP or college credit has not been awarded.

Important Information

Students may obtain the appropriate forms from the Counseling and Advising Center.

Additional requirements for credit by examination, also known as CBE:

  • Students must be enrolled in the courses and the instructor has outlined successful completion requirements.
  • No course may be challenged after meeting twice the number of meetings per week.
  • Students may not request CBE for courses for which they have already earned a grade.
  • CBE units may not be used to meet the 24 residency units required to earn a De Anza degree.
  • No more than 45 CBE units may be earned.
  • Students who successfully challenge a course through credit by examination may not subsequently challenge a course normally preceding it; for example, challenging Chemistry 1B and then challenging Chemistry 1A.
  • When transferring to another college or university, accepting credit by examination requirements/units is at the discretion of the transfer institution.

Challenge is limited to those courses recommended by the divisions and approved by the vice president of Instruction. Special limitations exist for challenging courses in sequence. The examination may  include oral, written, or skill tests, or a combination and will be sufficiently comprehensive to assess the student’s knowledge and skills commensurate with a student successfully completing the course.

The credit by examination grade will be noted on the student’s transcript at the end of the quarter.  Students who do not successfully challenge may not remain enrolled in the course.

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